Report: Disney Wants To Fire Kathleen Kennedy For Ruining Star Wars Films

A report by Grace Randolph of Beyond the Trailer, is making rounds today as it states that Disney is trying to fire Kathleen Kennedy as the head of Lucasfilm due to the polarization of the fanbase with The Last Jedi and the box office flop of Solo: A Star Wars Story. The feeling is that Disney is on the brink of losing the fan base and can’t afford another flop for Episode IX due out at the end of 2019. The problem is, however, is that no one is willing to step up and take her spot. JJ Abrams, Randolph reports was offered the job but turned it down flat. “Several” others were approached.

One person that’s brought up as a possible replacement for Kennedy, Dave Filloni, isn’t being considered for the job by Iger, because he hasn’t run anything big like a studio. The feeling right now is that no one wants to take the responsibility of trying to Save Star Wars at this point as it is too big of a task, no big-name person would want to walk into that situation.

Grace also reports that all the Star Wars “anthology” movies are indeed on hold as Disney tries to figure this out which contradicts Disney coming out last week and confirming they are planning to move forward with future films.

Disney now has two big problems on its hands. The first is Episode IX, the final chapter in this latest trilogy. According to Randolph, Kennedy has no say in the movie. Abrams has assumed full creative control, but Kennedy’s fingerprints are all over the script.

The second problem is that with the standalone movies dead (Obi Wan Kenobi, Boba Fett, etc.), if the franchise is going to live on, it must do so through a new trilogy. However, that new trilogy will likely be directed by Kennedy favorite, Rian Johnson, the director of The Last Jedi who has done nothing but troll fans on social media who have been critical on the film that has divided the fan base.

With about 18 months before the next Star Wars film comes out and a fanbase that is shrinking in numbers by the day, Star Wars Is NOT Okay.


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23 thoughts on “Report: Disney Wants To Fire Kathleen Kennedy For Ruining Star Wars Films

  1. Everything liberals touch becomes pure cancer — they ruin everything because the left can’t meme.

  2. I used to be neutral towards Star Wars stuff. If my friends wanted to go watch, sure, why not? But now they’ve made it male-hating trash? Hahaha! No.

  3. Seeing how they have not seen any major return on their $4 billion investment, yea I’d fire her too even if I did like her product. I find it incredible that a group of SJW’s managed to tank the largest and most influential series of all time. What should have been a competitor to the Marvel movie dominance has failed to take any major steps to take the box office hold. The new movies made the prequels look good in comparison

  4. Woman here. I have always loved Star Wars. Bought eight tickets early for the first of the new trilogy. Reluctantly saw the Rouge One. Haven’t paid to see one since. In fact my 15-18 movies a year habit with tickets for whole family and popcorn and drinks has all but completely disappeared. Why? I will not pay to be lectured to by Hollywood. Take your SJW leftist shill lecturing out of movies. Period. That’s how you fix it. And Disney has an even bigger problem. They have also banked billions on a new Star Wars land at Disneyland. They better hope there is love left for this franchise before they have another dead toon town on their hands.

  5. Hopefully she stays on so she can become more demented and hysterical while blaming the fans for her failures. These leftists are pure evil.

  6. They should fire her. It has already been proven, that sjw philosophy does not sell in the movies. They should fire the person that hired her as well, for gross incompetance. They are free to believe whatever they want, but this was clearly a bad business decision. And last I looked, hollywood was still in the making money business.

  7. They do not want to fire her for “ruining Star Wars Films.” Believe me, if these trainwrecks had made money according to expectations, then she would still be in charge of the franchise.

    There’s one thing you don’t fuck with and that’s the Mouse’s cheddah.

    1. They kinda do, though. By making the fans feel the franchise is ruined, they stop paying for it, and thus is a loss of money.

  8. Dave Filloni is the right choice under these circumstances. Disney can fund an army of business affairs pros to handle the day-to-day studio operations while he focuses on the creative work.

  9. If she’s canned, then they have to can the Rian Johnson films as well.

    I say bring back the Obi-Wan film, maaaaaybe do a Solo 2 film that is just him being an expert smuggler cad porking his a way across the galaxy, and finish it off with a fresh trilogy of films.

  10. JJ Abrams said he gave Rian Johnson complete control of TLJ and said he make any changes he wanted to.

    And it shows.

  11. No, I don’t think that they “want” to fire her. They may have to, though. Disney has been pushing this sort of agenda for a while now. She looks too much like a gerbil, though.

  12. Pappa Disney had to embarrass LucasFilm in front of their siblings Marvel and Pixar as they had to listen in on the meeting call. This drama is becoming more interesting than the movies themselves. LOL
    Also didn’t Grace Randolph report the only film in consideration is Obi-Wan? Either way, it’s saddening what happened to Star Wars itself. Maybe they shouldn’t have touched it post-Trilogy? Bring on the hate, I loved The Last Jedi, but this might kill Star Wars.

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