Kevin Hart Misleads 60 Million Instagram Followers With False Illegal Detainment Post

EDITORIAL UPDATE: Kevin Hart has since removed the misleading image from his Instagram account and replaced it with video of Rachel Maddow crying last night on her show. ‘Comedian’ Marlon Wayans who last week we wrote a story about him calling Black Conservatives ‘Sellouts’ and ‘Embarrassments’ has since shared the same photo along with multiple other photos from 2014 blaming the Trump Administration. So now, this fake story is starting to spread.

It was less than a week ago, Kevin Hart found himself defending his stance on refusing to talk politics and attacking President Trump. A source close to the comedian stated last week “Everyone has something to say about Donald Trump, and that’s the reason Kevin isn’t speaking on him. Kevin honestly feels the Trump bits are overused and knows that people are tired of the political banter from comedians.” 

“Going after people isn’t Kevin’s style, and he isn’t into telling people what they should or shouldn’t think about the President,”

Well, I guess things change because Hart is commenting on President Trump except his response is misleading to millions of people.

A few hours ago, Hart posted this picture on Instagram with the caption

“This is so fucking sad…. Literally HEARTBREAKING. I’m in disbelief….I can’t believe that I am in a position where I have to try and explain this to my kids. God help us….”

The photo came from the popular Democrat Facebook page ‘Occupy Democrats”

immigrant children orange jumpsuits

There is just one problem with this post, the picture is from a political ad by Russell Simmons dated back in 2014.

Russell Simmons served as Executive Producer for Californians for Safety and Justice’s “Imagine” video as part of its #SchoolsNotPrisons campaign, which calls for replacing prison and justice system waste with common sense solutions that create safe neighborhoods and save public dollars.

Even Snopes verifies the photo is fake. In 2014, the photograph accompanied an article about schools and prisons. It appears to be a still from the following video from Californians for Safety and Justice:

Kevin Hart has nearly 60 million followers on Instagram and with over 550K likes, many people believed this was a real image. Sadly what is happening right now is that many media outlets are using misleading images of kids being detained, many of which took place during the Obama Administration, in order to invoke an emotional reaction to Trump’s handling of the detention of illegal immigrants. Some going as far as to compare them to Nazi murder camps.

Whether he knew or not, Kevin Hart’s mislead many of his followers to an issue that is largely misleading, to begin with, because there is no quicker way to evoke emotion through the use of kids.

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