Man, James Franco picked a terrible time to write, direct, and star in a film where women…I’m sorry “bitches” are controlled and forced into sex slavery by abusive powerful men…

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You know Future World was doomed to fail when you saw “Also Starring Snoop Dogg” in the trailer. A film that was shot two years ago is a good sign that Lionsgate wanted absolutely nothing to do with this movie and it wasn’t because of Franco’s #MeToo allegations, it was because the film is horrible. Future World is post-apocalyptic western where everything looks like the Crackle version of Mad Max. After the world has been ended due to war, artificial intelligence becomes the most valued property on earth.  When our main character Prince’s mother is knocking on death’s door, he embarks on a journey to a place called ‘Paradise Beach’ in hopes of finding a cure. But he runs into a violent gang of savage bikers led by James Franco and his newly acquired AI sex slave who escapes with Prince (for reasons) to find a cure.

There is a reason you don’t make movies under the influence of drugs because when you are watching back what you just shot, nobody is sober enough to say “Hey James, I think this sucks”.  Future World is a film that makes no sense because there is no story structure. Most of the first 30 minutes is the film switching back and forth between two characters with no explanation. You don’t know if you are watching a flashback or a plot unfolding. It’s not even made clear who the main character is until halfway in. There is absolutely no passion from any of the actors despite a big-name ensemble cast, probably because none of them were getting paid in money. I mean at least the girl is an Android so she has an excuse, but why was everyone else in the film so terrible? There is no chemistry between any of the characters; Franco himself isn’t believable as the villain, hell he was scarier in Spring Break. Milla Jovovich looks like she filmed this movie in between takes of the Final Resident film and she’s the best part of this fiery car crash.

There was clearly a level of passion that went into The Disaster Artist but that passion is nowhere to be found here. Future World wants to be Mad Max so bad that it has no idea how to work as a movie.



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