Deadline Hollywood: While Hollywood Marches For Gun Control, Every Major Movie Has Guns This Year

While one Hollywood actor, celebrity, producer, singer, and director after another puts their time and money into efforts that will put more restrictions on the ability to buy guns, some celebs going as far as calling for a repeal of the right to bear arms, it seems like when it comes to using guns in their multi-million dollar film productions, their anti-gun stance doesn’t hold up as strong.

Michael Cieply of Deadline Hollywood writes a piece entitled Guns On The Playbill? Every Major Studio Has Them This Season where he states:

Hollywood might do well to check its messaging in the face of fresh demands for new curbs on gun ownership, fed in no small part by activist celebrities like Ashley Judd and Morgan Freeman.

In the current spring-summer season, every major studio is selling one or more films with posters, billboards, promotional photos or trailers featuring big guns. Warner led the way in April with Rampage, a PG-13 film in which Dwayne Johnson’s battle to save Chicago from animal mutants, involved heavy firepower (though our hero ultimately solved his problem with love and science). This weekend brings Deadpool 2 from Fox, with one of my favorite marketing images—a cartoon Ryan Reynolds, blasting away on the back of a unicorn, on a poster for the Imax version.

Columbia’s summer offerings include the R-rated Equalizer 2. Universal will have The First Purge. Paramount weighs in with Mission: Impossible-Fallout. At last check, the last two were still unrated. But anyone with an Internet connection can already see the gun fun in all three.

Ben Flanagan from also writes a piece which shows that Hollywood films have had 43 movie posters from 2018 that glorifies guns and gun use.

For a group of people that slams the NRA and calls its members (you, the citizens) terrorists after every shooting (None committed by an NRA member) they seem to have a do what I say, not as I do approach to gun violence. Just like their stance on the #MeToo movement.


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