Earlier this week I wrote about Conservative Youtuber Richard Meyer, aka Diversity & Comics crowdfunded INDIEGOGO project Jawbreakers: Lost Souls. At the time of the article posting it had just passed $150,000 in backing. The campaign ended up finishing with a stunning $206,626 and 5,735 backers. Publisher Antarctic Press announced they would publish the comic and several progressive critics began colluding to prevent local comic shops from carrying the book.


With the wheels in motion for this project, Meyer’s enemies in the Comic Book industry are now actively working to prevent his book from being released despite the obvious interest from the fans. A handful of shops have already expressed their refusal to sell the book in their stores.

Many of Richard’s enemies, the progressive wing of the comic book industry have been rumored to be pressuring major shops from selling his book by smearing his audience as “Alt-right” and “Nazis”. Meyer’s book that is not political against anyone unlike the work of Marvel writers that has been published the last 5 years but that hasn’t stopped his foes.


There is a lot of heat regarding this book right now, however, the talk of boycotts have not slowed down the momentum and support behind this book. If anything it has thrown gasoline in the fire of the culture war in comic books right now. If comic book stores wish to refuse to sell this book, so be it but with over 50 comic stores across the nation closing its doors, it may not be the smartest move. I’ll leave with a statement from Timothy Lim writer of Thump: The First Bundred Days.


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