Richard Meyer AKA ‘Diversity & Comics’ Crowdfunds Over 150K For Graphic Novel ‘Jawbreakers’

Back in February, I wrote an editorial titled Is #MoveTheNeedle The Time For #Comicsgate To Step Up Or Step Aside? Conservative Youtuber Richard Meyer, commonly known as his YouTube name Diversity & Comics rose to fame last year on the back of his videos that criticized the work of various comic book creators (Mainly those under the umbrella of Marvel Comics). As a significant part of the comic book professional community rebelled against Diversity & Comics and his audience claiming he was leading a racist and sexist attack against them. This, however, didn’t stop his popularity which rose to the tune of over 67,000 subscribers on his channel.

A few months back, Diversity & Comics started the #MoveTheNeedle campaign, an attempt show the comic book industry that his 67,000+ subscribers and other supporters can have a positive effect on the industry. Not only did this lead to his followers promoting and purchasing comics that they personally enjoyed but this led to Meyer getting into the game himself. Meyers launched a crowdfunded comic book via INDIEGOGO with an initial goal of raising $5,000 to enable Meyer, along with artist Jon Malin (Cable, New Warriors, Thunderbolts), and colorist Brett Smith (G.I. Joe, Wolverine, Batman, Justice League, Harley Quinn), to self-publish their one shot, “Jawbreakers: Lost Souls,” a tale of a team of ex-superheroes who are attempting “to save a ‘monster’ from a vicious warlord who wants to exploit it”. Meyers reached that goal in less than two hours and it was all uphill from there.

As of this morning, the project has surpassed $154,000 in backing smashing all expectations and unlocking every strench goal they never intended to break. Despite the attacks from left-wing media outlets and progressive writers on the #ComicsGate and #MoveTheNeedle community for rejecting the progressive trend in mainstream comics, it certainly looks like that the community has bark to their bite which could be a game changer for the industry moving forward.


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