Sicario 2: Soldado Teaser Trailer

After discovering that drug cartels are smuggling terrorists across the US border, the CIA sends Matt Graver and former undercover operative Alejandro to eliminate the problem. Along the way, Alejandro revisits his old nemesis to settle scores.


Image result for cartoon dance gif

Sicario was my favorite movie of 2015 and while i’m disappointed that Emily Blunt couldn’t come back for Part 2, I am super hyped for Soldado. Taylor Sheridan has become my favorite screenwriter the last few years with films like Sicario, Hell or High Water, and Wind River. I have no doubt that he will hit another home run here. Very few films get me hyped these days, not even the Avengers movies get a rise out of me like they use to a few years ago. However, I can’t see a film with Benicio del Toro, Josh Brolin, and Taylor Sheridan not delivering.



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