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Ben Davies Reviews Jigsaw & The Snowman

The Rebel Media's Ben Davies reviews a couple of the fall's biggest stinkers.

So there were a couple of films that I didn’t get watch the last couple of weeks in Jigsaw and The Snowman. Now I could be a responsible film critic, watch them and spend the time writing and editing two new reviews but…

Image result for aint nobody got time for that

So instead I want you guys to check out the new review series from The Rebel Media’s Ben Davies. I’ve reviewed a couple of Ben’s films the last couple of years I’m Not Ashamed and Because of Gracia. Ben is an overall good guy and now that he is throwing his name in the hat in the movie review world, I wanted to promote him and help him out. You can see his videos and content that I will place in the links below.

To find more from Ben Davies:




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