Month: August 2016

Mechanic: Resurrection Review

Resurrection is a glorified 80s B movie without the cheese and corniness to make it enjoyable.


Hands of Stone Review

Hands of Stone has a good story but tells it in a predictable and melodramatic way.

War Dogs Review

The most frustrating thing about War Dogs is that I can see the potential for a good film but it is just not in the right hands creatively.

Operation Chromite Review

Operation Chromite is a good recommendation for those who are fans of Asian Cinema and history buffs looking to experience the story of the unsung heroes, who sacrificed their lives in the forgotten war.

Sausage Party Review

Saying that I enjoy a Seth Rogen movie is like saying the Jews enjoyed their trip to Auschwitz but I’m Jewish, so I can make that joke and it’s not anti-Semitic right?

Hell or High Water Review

Hell or High Water is one of the best films of the year and it’s really a shame that this won’t get the mainstream cognition that it deserves. Director David Mackenzie has put himself on the map with this crime thriller and Sheridan’s writing there isn’t much more you can ask for this film.

Don’t Breathe Review

This film is exactly what horror fans have been waiting for. A fresh chapter in a failing genre that achieves in being simple and intense, but without all the cheesy gimmicks and plot induced stupidity.

Suicide Squad Review

Suicide Squad is a good film and a step in the right direction after Batman vs Superman, the problem continues to be that this had the potential to be a great film but studio interference seems to be anchoring the final product.