Month: July 2016

Jason Bourne 2016 Review

If you are a fan of Honest Trailers, you shouldn’t watch their latest video on the Bourne series because they unintentionally spoil the movie for you.


Bad Moms Review

The problem with a lot of female driven comedies is that the writers believe that the girls have to be just as crude as the guys in order to be funny.

Star Trek Beyond Review

Star Trek Beyond is a fun kick ass time that almost makes me want to go back and watch the old series…yeah never mind, I’ll just stick to the films.

Nerve Review

The premise had potential to be a great story and under a better screenwriter this could have been a very good thriller. Sadly this film has too much to overcome in order to be competent.

Lights Out Review

If the film was 20 minutes longer it could have left an impression, instead this film will be remember as well as Annabelle…good thing they are coming out with Annabelle 2…

Ghostbusters 2016 Review

So who wins here? Feminists or Meninists? The answer here is none of you so fuck off.

The Infiltrator Review

If you love biopics then you will be entertained and if you’re looking to duck Ghostbusters this weekend, then this is a solid choice as an alternative.