Sundown(2016) Quick Review

WARNING: The following review contains spoilers, I’m telling you now so you don’t pretend to be outraged later.

Sundown is your textbook low-budget comedy where two people who would never be friends in real life travel to one of the only parts of Mexico not controlled by El Chapo in hopes of having one awesome night as buds before the main character follows his dreams to become an EDM DJ…

Image result for Sundown(2016) movie

These characters aren’t bad but if they were real you have the feeling that they would be on CNN with the headline ‘Dumb Americans Murdered In Mexico…Donald Trump Says the Wall Just Got 10 feet higher’. If you accept this movie for what it is you can have a decent time with this but it isn’t something you need to run out and see. This movie is better suited for watching on Netflix while you are trying to kill time for something better to come on.

Official Rating: **

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