Month: June 2016

The Neon Demon Review

Refn is a ‘style over substance’ director and after watching this movie I can say that substance is meth…laced with crack.


Independence Day: Resurgence Review

20 years has passed since Earth beat the aliens by split decision and the world has completely rebuilt itself into utopia…in just 20 years.

The Shallows Review

The bottle aspect of the film keeps you on the edge of your seat, Blake Lively’s screen presence shines brightly in one of her best roles to date and the movie keeps everything short and never feels like it drags on past the point of welcome.

Sundown(2016) Quick Review

This movie is better suited for watching on Netflix while you are trying to kill time for something better to come on.

Money Monster Quick Review

The best part of this film was listening to his pregnant girlfriend tell him how much of a screw-up he is in savage fashion. If the movie ended after that scene, I would give Money Monster 5 Stars…it didn’t.

Eye In The Sky Quick Review

Ethics and Morals are the true antagonist and protagonist in this film and by the end even if you agree with the decisions made you won’t feel good about them.

Neighbors 2: Sorority Rising Quick Review

Unfortunately, Seth Rogen can’t go 3 minutes without making his textbook Weed Jokes, Gay Jokes, Bad Sex Jokes, with a sprinkle of male nudity thrown in just for kicks. When infants playing with sex toys is your best running gag, not much else needs to be said about the quality of the film.

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